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GRD or Grd may refer to:
GRDDL (pronounced "griddle") is a markup format for Gleaning Resource Descriptions from Dialects of Languages.
Grdan (Serbian Cyrillic: Грдан; fl. 1596–d. 1612) was the vojvoda (duke) of the Nikšić nahija, part of the Sanjak of Herzegovina (Ottoman Empire), who led several uprisings against the Ottomans in between 1596 and 1612, alongside Serbian Patriarch Jovan Kantul (s.
Grdelica (Serbian Cyrillic: Грделица) is a town in southern Serbia. It is situated in the Leskovac municipality, in the Jablanica District.
Grdeša (Serbian Cyrillic: Грдеша, Latin: Gerdessa, Gurdeses; fl. 1150–51) or Grd, was the župan (count) of Travunija, mentioned in 1150–51 as serving Grand Prince Uroš II of Serbia.
Grdovci is a village in Kočani Municipality. The village is located in the Kočani Valley, and according to the last census of 2002 the village had 1,288 residents.
Grdica is a village situated in Kraljevo municipality in Serbia.
Grdina (pronounced [ˈɡəɾdina]) is a largely dispersed settlement in the Haloze Hills in the Municipality of Majšperk in northeastern Slovenia.
The gradian is a unit of measurement of an angle, equivalent to 1/400 of a turn, 9/10 of a degree, or π/200 of a radian.

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