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Grjótagjá is a small lava cave near lake Mývatn in Iceland. It has a thermal spring inside.
Gradshteyn and Ryzhik (GR) is the informal name of a comprehensive table of integrals originally compiled by the Russian mathematicians I. S.
Rice pudding is a dish made from rice mixed with water or milk and other ingredients such as cinnamon and raisins.
GRJ may refer to:
Grjúpán is an Icelandic dish that was eaten in earlier centuries in Iceland. It was the lungs of a sheep which was smoked with added salt and water.
Grjothøi is a mountain of Oppland, in southern Norway.
Grjothovden is a mountain of Oppland, in southern Norway.
Brigadier G. R. Jayasinghe, SLAOC was a Sri Lankan military officer, who was the former head of the Sri Lanka Army Ordnance Corps and founder of the Sri Lanka Rifle Corps in 1984.

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