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HF, Hf or hf can refer to:
Hereditary haemochromatosis (or hemochromatosis) is a genetic disorder characterized by excessive intestinal absorption of dietary iron, resulting in a pathological increase in total body iron stores.
HFS Plus or HFS+ is a journaling file system developed by Apple Inc. It replaced the Hierarchical File System (HFS) as the primary file system of Apple computers with the 1998 release of Mac OS 8.1. HFS+ continued as the primary Mac OS X file system until it was itself replaced with the release of the Apple File System (APFS) with macOS High Sierra in 2017. HFS+ is also one of the formats used by the iPod digital music player.
HFX Wanderers Football Club, commonly known as HFX Wanderers, and also spoken as Halifax Wanderers, is a Canadian professional soccer club based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Human homeostatic iron regulator protein also known as the HFE protein is a protein which in humans is encoded by the HFE gene.
The HFStival was an annual Washington, D.C. / Baltimore, Maryland rock festival. Held every summer from 1990 through 2006 by radio station WHFS, and annually since 2010 in commemoration of the now-defunct station's legacy, the HFStival was at its peak the largest yearly music festival on the East Coast.
A high-frequency recombination cell (Hfr cell) (also called an Hfr strain) is a bacterium with a conjugative plasmid (for example, the F-factor) integrated into its chromosomal DNA.
The Hfq protein (also known as HF-I protein) encoded by the hfq gene was discovered in 1968 as an Escherichia coli host factor that was essential for replication of the bacteriophage Qβ.
An Hfq binding sRNA is an sRNA that binds the bacterial RNA binding protein called Hfq. A number of bacterial small RNAs which have been shown to bind to Hfq have been characterised (see list).

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