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zealot - a fervent and even militant proponent of something
x-axis - the horizontal axis in a plane coordinate system
wanton - a lewd or immoral person
vague - lacking clarity or distinctness
uncanny - surpassing the ordinary or normal
tangible - perceptible by the senses, especially the sense of touch
rhetorical - relating to using language effectively
rambunctious - noisy and lacking in restraint or discipline
pique - call forth, as an emotion, feeling, or response
nostalgic - unhappy about being away and longing for familiar things
narrative - an account that tells the particulars of an act or event
karma - effects of one's actions that determine his or her destiny
jejune - lacking interest or significance or impact
irony - incongruity between what might be expected and what occurs
integrity - an undivided or unbroken completeness with nothing wanting
hypnosis - a state that resembles sleep induced by suggestion
hyperbole - extravagant exaggeration
fortitude - strength of mind that enables one to endure adversity
esoteric - understandable only by an enlightened inner circle
disposition - your usual mood

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