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In optimal control theory, the Hamilton–Jacobi–Bellman (HJB) equation gives a necessary and sufficient condition for optimality of a control with respect to a loss function.
Henry John Brinsley Manners, 8th Duke of Rutland, (16 April 1852 – 8 May 1925), known as Henry Manners until 1888 and styled Marquess of Granby until 1906, was a British peer and Conservative politician.
RCN Radio (Radio Cadena Nacional, "National Radio Network") is one of the main radio networks in Colombia.
HJ Bunko (HJ文庫) is a publishing label affiliated with the Japanese publishing company Hobby Japan. It was established in July 2006 and is a light novel label that is aimed at a young adult male readership.
Harold John Blackham (31 March 1903 – 23 January 2009) was a leading British humanist philosopher, writer and educationalist.
Hardin Jasper Burlingame (1852–1915) was an American magician and magic historian.Burlingame had taken lessons from the magician David Bamberg.
The H. J. Bartenbach House is a historic house in Grand Island, Nebraska. It was built in 1937 for Henry J.
William Hamilton Page (1829–1909) was a type designer and owner of William Page & Company, a leading manufacturer of wood type for letterpress printing.

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