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The Heath–Jarrow–Morton (HJM) framework is a general framework to model the evolution of interest rate curves – instantaneous forward rate curves in particular (as opposed to simple forward rates).
Humphry John Moule Bowen (22 June 1929 – 9 August 2001) was a British botanist and chemist.Bowen was born in Oxford, son of the chemist Edmund Bowen.
Blu Radio is a radio station in Bogotá, Colombia, owned by Caracol TV.
HJM may refer to:
La FM is a Colombian news/talk/pop music radio station, founded in July 1996 by RCN Radio. Until the mid-2000s (decade), it was a news/talk/adult contemporary station.
H.J. Martin and Son is an interior and specialty contractor based in Northeast Wisconsin. The privately held company has its headquarters in Green Bay and retail locations in Green Bay and Neenah, Wisconsin.
H. J. Mulliner & Co. was a well-known British coachbuilder operating from Bedford Park, Chiswick, West London.
H. J. Merck & Co. was one of the largest merchant banks in Hamburg, and existed from 1799 to 1983. Merck & Co.
The H&J Mall is a shopping mall in Karunagappally in Kollam Metropolitan Area. The mall is owned by the NRI business man from the Karunagappally, Mr.

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