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The Hjuksebø train disaster was a rail accident on the Sørlandet Line on 15 November 1950 between the stations of Hjuksebø and Holtsås in the Sauherad municipality in Telemark, Norway.
The Hjulström curve, named after Filip Hjulström (1902–1982), is a graph used by hydrologists and geologists to determine whether a river will erode, transport, or deposit sediment.
Hjulsbro IK is a Swedish football club located in Linköping.
Hjula Væverier was a company based in Oslo, Norway. It was one of oldest modern industrial companies in Norway.It was established as a weaving mill in 1855 by industrialist Halvor Schou (1823-1879) who had previously operated a mill further down the river in the Brenneriveien.
Hjuvik is a locality situated in Göteborg Municipality, Västra Götaland County, Sweden. It had 3,928 inhabitants in 2010 in an area of 279,01 hectares.
Holliday junction recognition protein is a protein in humans that is encoded by the HJURP gene.
Hjularöd Castle (Swedish: Hjularöds slott) is a castle in Eslöv Municipality, Scania, in southern Sweden.
Hjuksebø Station (Norwegian: Hjuksebø stasjon) is a former railway station on the Sørland Line and the Bratsberg Line, located at Hjuksebø in Sauherad, Norway.
Hjulsta metro station is a station on the blue line of the Stockholm metro, located in Hjulsta, northern Stockholm.
In Norse mythology, Hjúki (Old Norse, possibly meaning "the one returning to health") and Bil (Old Norse, literally "instant") are a brother and sister pair of children who follow the personified moon, Máni, across the heavens.

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