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Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht (22 January 1877 – 3 June 1970) was a German economist, banker, centre-right politician, and co-founder in 1918 of the German Democratic Party.
Hezbollah (pronounced ; Arabic: حزب الله‎ Ḥizbu 'llāh, literally "Party of Allah" or "Party of God")—also transliterated Hizbullah, Hizballah, etc.—is a Shia Islamist political party and militant group based in Lebanon.
Hizb ut-Tahrir (Arabic: حزب التحرير‎) (Translation: Party of Liberation) is an international, pan-Islamist political organization which describes its ideology as Islam, and its aim the re-establishment of the Islamic Khilafah (Caliphate) to resume Islamic ways of life in the Muslim world.
The Hazaras (Persian: هزاره‎; Hazaragi: آزره‎) are an ethnic group native to the mountainous region of Hazarajat in central Afghanistan.
Andrew John Hozier-Byrne (born 17 March 1990), known professionally as Hozier ( HOH-zee-ər), is an Irish musician, singer, and songwriter from County Wicklow.
Hjalmar "Hjallis" Johan Andersen (12 March 1923 – 27 March 2013) was a speed skater from Norway who won three gold medals at the 1952 Winter Olympic Games of Oslo, Norway.
Hezekiah (; Hebrew: חִזְקִיָּהוּ) was, according to the Hebrew Bible, the son of Ahaz and the 13th king of Judah.
Hjörtur Hermannsson (born 8 February 1995) is an Icelandic professional footballer who plays for Brøndby as a centre back.

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