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The meaning of «hnea»

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Perhaps the following words will be interesting for you:

yearn - desire strongly or persistently
xenophobia - a fear of foreigners or strangers
vermillion - of a vivid red to reddish-orange color
vague - lacking clarity or distinctness
tenacious - stubbornly unyielding
serene - not agitated
quixotic - not sensible about practical matters
pique - call forth, as an emotion, feeling, or response
paradigm - a standard or typical example
optimistically - with optimism; in an optimistic manner
lethargic - deficient in alertness or activity
ken - range of what one can know or understand
karma - effects of one's actions that determine his or her destiny
jurisdiction - the territory within which power can be exercised
irony - incongruity between what might be expected and what occurs
integrity - an undivided or unbroken completeness with nothing wanting
guise - an artful or simulated semblance
empathy - understanding and entering into another's feelings
benevolent - showing or motivated by sympathy and understanding
ambiguous - having more than one possible meaning

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