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Htun Eeindra Bo (Burmese: ထွန်းအိန္ဒြာဘို, pronounced [tʰʊ́ɴ ʔèiɴdɹà bò]; also Tun Eaindra Bo; born Mi Mi Khine on 1 May 1966) is a three-time Myanmar Academy Award-winning actress and singer.
Htun Myint Naing (Burmese: ထွန်းမြင့်နိုင်; pronounced [tʰʊ́ɴ mjɪ̯ɴ nàiɴ]; also spelt Tun Myint Naing), also known as Steven Law and Lo Ping Zhong (Chinese: 罗秉忠; pinyin: Luó Píngzhōng) is a Burmese businessman.
HTU may refer to:
Htun Htun Oo (Burmese: ထွန်းထွန်းဦး; also spelt Tun Tun Oo) is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Myanmar (Burma).
Htukkanthein (Burmese: ထုက္ကန့်သိမ်, pronounced 'Htoke-kan-thein' in Arakanese) is one of the most famous temples in the ancient Arakanese city of Mrauk U, in Rakhine State, Western Myanmar.
Dr. Tun Lwin (Burmese: ထွန်းလွင်, also Htun Lwin; born 17 January 1948) is a Burmese meteorologist who served as Director-General of Department of Meteorology and Hydrology.
Htoot May (Burmese: ထုမေ , born 16 June 1979) is a Burmese politician and currently serves as an Amyotha Hluttaw MP for Rakhine State No.
Htun Htun Oo; also spelled Tun Tun Oo is a Burmese name and may refer to:

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