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HTV may refer to:
HTV-1, also known as the HTV Demonstration Flight or HTV Technical Demonstration Vehicle, was the first Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) H-II Transfer Vehicle, launched in September 2009 to resupply the International Space Station and support the JAXA Kibo (きぼう, Kibō?, Hope) laboratory or JEM.
HTV3 is a channel of Ho Chi Minh City Television in Vietnam and is administered by Tri Viet Media Corporation (TVM Corp. ).
Hyères-Toulon Var Basket, also referred to as simply Hyères-Toulon or HTV, is a basketball club based in Hyères and Toulon, France.Created by the merger of Omni Sport Hyerois and Club Sportif Toulonnais, the club shares its home games between the Espace 3000 in Hyères and the Palais des Sports in Toulon.
HTV (formerly an acronym of Hispanic Television) is a Latin American pay television channel that broadcasts Hispanic music videos.
The DARPA Falcon Project (Force Application and Launch from CONtinental United States) is a two-part joint project between the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the United States Air Force (USAF) and is part of Prompt Global Strike.
HTVC010P is a virus which was discovered by Stephen Giovannoni and colleagues at Oregon State University.
Aircraft can have different ways to take off and land. Conventional airplanes accelerate along the ground until sufficient lift is generated for takeoff, and reverse the process to land.
ITV Wales and West, previously known as Harlech Television (HTV), refers to the Independent Television franchise area until 31 December 2013, licensed to a broadcaster by the regulator Ofcom.There is no channel, past or present, named "ITV Wales and West".
The H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV), also called Kounotori (こうのとり, Kōnotori, "Oriental stork" or "white stork"), is an automated cargo spacecraft used to resupply the Kibō Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) and the International Space Station (ISS).

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