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HXD may refer to:
HxD is a hex editor, disk editor, and memory editor developed by Maël Hörz for Windows. It can open files larger than 4 GiB and open and edit the raw contents of disk drives, as well as display and edit the memory used by running processes.
The China Railways HXD1 (also known as the DJ4) is an eight axle high power heavy freight twin unit locomotive of axle configuration Bo'Bo'+Bo'Bo'.
China Railways HXD3D (Chinese: 和谐电3D型电力机车 / 和谐D3D型电力机车) is a high power electric locomotive of China rated at 7.5 MW as it uses 6 Toshiba traction motors rated at 1.25 MW.
HXD3 is an electric locomotive built in Mainland China by CNR Dalian Locomotives.
The HX Draw is a bascule bridge carrying the New Jersey Transit Bergen County Line and Pascack Valley Line across the Hackensack River between Secaucus, New Jersey and East Rutherford.
This is a list of digraphs used in various Latin alphabets. Capitalization involves only the first letter (ch becomes Ch) unless otherwise stated (ij becomes IJ).
A DOS extender is a computer software program running under DOS that enables software to run in a protected mode environment even though the host operating system is only capable of operating in real mode.

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