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Ial or Yale (Welsh: Iâl) was a commote of medieval Wales within the cantref of Maelor in the Kingdom of Powys.
Ialoveni is a district (Moldovan: raion) in the central part of Moldova, with the administrative center at Ialoveni.
Ialysos (Greek: Ιαλυσός, before 1976: Τριάντα Trianta) is a town and a former municipality on the island of Rhodes, in the Dodecanese, Greece.
Ialomița County (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈjalomit͡sa] (listen)) is a county (județ) of Romania, in Muntenia, with the capital city at Slobozia.
The Ialomița (Romanian: râul Ialomița pronounced [ˈjalomit͡sa] (listen)) is a river of Southern Romania.
Ialoveni (Romanian pronunciation: [jaloˈvenʲ]; Russian: Яловéны) is a city in the Republic of Moldova situated 10 km (6 mi) from Chişinău.
Ialtris is a genus of snakes of the subfamily Dipsadinae the genus is endemic from Hispaniola, Haiti and Dominican Republic.
In the Platonic, Neopythagorean, Middle Platonic, and Neoplatonic schools of philosophy, the demiurge () is an artisan-like figure responsible for fashioning and maintaining the physical universe.

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