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The Ier or Eriu (Hungarian: Ér) is a right tributary of the river Barcău (Berettyó) in Romania and Hungary.[1][2] It discharges into the Barcău in Pocsaj. The Andrid Dam is constructed on this river. The Ier flows through the villages Mihăieni, Eriu-Sâncrai, Ghirolt, Rădulești, Hotoan, Sudurău, Dindești, Andrid, Sălacea, Cherechiu, Săcueni, Diosig in Romania, and Pocsaj in Hungary. In Romania, its length is 100 km (62 mi) and its basin size is 1,392 km2 (537 sq mi).[2]

The Hungarian name of the river means "brook". The Romanian name derives from that.

The following rivers are tributaries to the river Ier:

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