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Imn or IMN may refer to:
Imhaha was a stern-wheel steamboat which operated on the Snake River in 1903. The steamer was built, launched, placed in service, and wrecked within a single year.
The Imnaha Guard Station is a rustic cabin located in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest in western Oregon, United States.
The Imnaha River is a 73.3-mile-long (118.0 km) tributary of the Snake River in the U.S. state of Oregon.
Imnaha is an unincorporated community at the confluence of Big Sheep Creek and the Imnaha River in Wallowa County, Oregon, United States.
This list contains persons named in the Bible of minor notability, about whom either nothing or very little is known, aside from any family connections.
Imna Arroyo is a Puerto Rican artist. Her work is centred on printmaking and painting, particularly around the theme of "energia de mujeres", or "women's energy".
Imnadia is a genus of conchostracans found only in Europe. It has occasionally been placed in a monotypic family, "Imnadiidae", but is more usually placed in the Limnadiidae.

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