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The meaning of «iwu»

Iwuy is a commune in the Nord department in northern France.
Iwur or Morop is one of the Ok languages of West Papua.
The International Working Union of Socialist Parties (IWUSP; also known as ​2 1⁄2 International or the Vienna International; German: Internationale Arbeitsgemeinschaft Sozialistischer Parteien, IASP) was a political international for the co-operation of socialist parties.
Iwungilo is a town and ward in Njombe Urban District in the Njombe Region of the Tanzanian Southern Highlands.
Brian Iwuh (born March 8, 1984) is a former American football linebacker who played for six seasons in the National Football League (NFL).
IWU is an initialism that may refer to:
Yiwu (simplified Chinese: 义乌; traditional Chinese: 義烏; pinyin: Yìwū) is a city of about 1.2 million people in central Zhejiang province, China.

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