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JK may refer to:
JKT48 (read as "J. K. T. Forty-eight") is an Indonesian idol group whose name is derived from its based city of Jakarta and the Japanese idol group AKB48. Formed in 2011, it is the first AKB48 sister group outside Japan and adopts the concept of "idols you can meet", before switching to "idols that will come to meet you" since 8 April 2018. Fans can attend daily performances at the group's theater, which was built as a close replica to the AKB48 Theater in Akihabara.While JKT48 does not restrict membership by nationality, applicants must be residents of Indonesia.
JK! Studios is a production company on YouTube created by the founding cast members of Studio C. Before the Live NYC event, it was announced that all 10 of the original cast members would leave the show to start a brand new project together.
JK Narva Trans, commonly known as Narva Trans, or simply as Trans, is a professional football club, based in Narva, Estonia, that competes in the Meistriliiga, the top flight of Estonian football.
JK Tallinna Kalev, also known as Tallinna Kalev, or simply as Kalev, is a football club based in Tallinn, Estonia, that competes in the Meistriliiga, the top flight of Estonian football.
JK Flesh is a moniker of English musician Justin Broadrick employed for his solo work within electronic music.
JK Enum Nanbanin Vaazhkai (lit. Life of a friend named JK) is a 2015 Tamil-language musical film written and directed by Cheran, which was simultaneously made and later released in Telugu as Rajadhi Raja.
JK Sillamäe Kalev, commonly known as Sillamäe Kalev, or simply as Sillamäe, is a football club, based in Sillamäe, Estonia.

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