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The JXD S5100 is a 5-inch Android tablet and portable game console produced by JXD. It was released in 2012 and resembles Nintendo's 3DS XL.
The JXD P861 is a 7-inch Android tablet PC produced by JXD. It was released in 2013 when Chinese tablet
JXD 1000 is a handheld gaming console released by JXD in 2009. Its primary purpose is to play games originally intended for 3rd and 4th generation games consoles such as the NES and SNES, Sega Genesis and Game Boy range of handheld.
This is a list of digraphs used in various Latin alphabets. Capitalization involves only the first letter (ch becomes Ch) unless otherwise stated (ij becomes IJ).
JX may refer to:
Judy Garland (born Frances Ethel Gumm; June 10, 1922 – June 22, 1969) was an American actress, singer, dancer, and vaudevillian.
Judd Trump (born 20 August 1989) is an English professional snooker player from Bristol and the reigning World Champion.

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