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KF or Kf may refer to:
Kentucky Fried Chicken, more commonly known by its initials KFC, is an American fast food restaurant chain that specializes in fried chicken.
KF Tirana (Albanian: Klubi i Futbollit Tirana) is an Albanian football club based in the country's capital city, Tirana.
Klubi Futbollistik Skënderbeu Korçë (Albanian pronunciation: [skəndɛɾbɛu kɔɾtʃə]) is a professional football club based in Korçë, a city in southeastern Albania.
KF Shkëndija (Macedonian: ФК Шкендија, FK Shkendija) is a football club based in Tetovo, Republic of Macedonia.
Kfar Saba (Hebrew: כְּפַר סָבָא‎), officially Kefar Sava, is a city in the Sharon region, of the Central District of Israel.
Klubi I Futbollit Vllaznia Shkodër, commonly known known as Vllaznia is an Albanian football club based in the city of Shkodër.
KFOR-TV, virtual channel 4 (UHF digital channel 27), is an NBC-affiliated television station located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States.
KFXN-FM 100.3 (FM)—branded 100.3 FM KFAN: The Fan—is a commercial radio station licensed to Minneapolis, Minnesota, broadcasting a sports talk format.
KFI (640 kHz) is an AM radio station in Los Angeles, California, owned and operated by iHeartMedia. It received its license to operate on March 31, 1922 and began operating on April 16, 1922, and after a succession of power increases, became one of the United States' first high-powered, "clear-channel" stations.

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