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KJ may refer to:
Keneti James Fitzgerald "KJ" Apa (born 17 June 1997) is a New Zealand actor. He is known for starring as Archie Andrews in the CW drama series Riverdale.
KJZZ-TV, virtual channel 14 (UHF digital channel 19), is an independent television station licensed to Salt Lake City, Utah, United States.
KJRH-TV, virtual channel 2 (VHF digital channel 8), is an NBC-affiliated television station licensed to Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States.
Kjetil André Aamodt (born 2 September 1971) is a former World Cup alpine ski racer from Norway, a champion in the Olympics, World Championships, and World Cup.
Kjetil André Rekdal (born 6 November 1968) is a Norwegian football manager and a former footballer who is currently the head coach of Norwegian club Start.Rekdal began his playing career in Molde FK, playing afterwards for clubs in the German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1 and Belgian Belgian Pro League.
KJNB-LD, virtual channel 39 (UHF digital channel 27), is a dual Fox/CBS-affiliated low-power television station licensed to Jonesboro, Arkansas, United States.
Kjetil Jansrud (born 28 August 1985) is a Norwegian World Cup alpine ski racer and Olympic champion. He races in all alpine disciplines apart from slalom, and his best event used to be the giant slalom where he has 6 World Cup podiums and an Olympic silver medal.
Jonah Kirsten Sorrentino (born June 26, 1975), better known by his stage name KJ-52, is a Christian rapper from Tampa, Florida.

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