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Kkangpae (Korean: 깡패) is a romanization of the Korean for a 'gangster', 'thug', or 'hoodlum', usually referring to members of unorganized street gangs.
Kavyanjali (a portmanteau of Kavya and Anjali) is an Indian television romantic drama series that aired on STAR Plus.
Kkakdugi(깍두기) or diced radish kimchi is a variety of kimchi in Korean cuisine. Usually, it has all the ingredients of kimchi, but the baechu (hangul: 배추; Napa cabbage) used for kimchi is replaced with Korean radish (called mu, 무 in Korean).
Kkachi durumagi is a children's colorful overcoat in hanbok, traditional Korean clothing, which was worn on Seollal, New Year's Day in the Lunar calendar.
KKAI, virtual and UHF digital channel 50, is a religious independent television station serving Honolulu, Hawaii, United States that is licensed to Kailua.
KKAA (1560 AM, "Family Radio") is a radio station licensed to serve Aberdeen, South Dakota. The station is owned by Robert J.
KKAL (92.5 MHz, "The Krush 92.5") is a commercial FM radio station which is licensed to Paso Robles, California, United States and serves the San Luis Obispo area.
KKAY (1590 kHz AM) and KBRS (106.9 MHz FM) are two commercial radio stations in Louisiana. KKAY 1590 is licensed to White Castle, Louisiana, and is owned by Liberty in Christ Jesus Ministry.
KKAP, virtual and UHF digital channel 36, is a Daystar owned-and-operated television station licensed to Little Rock, Arkansas, United States.

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