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KKU or kku may refer to:
KKUT (93.7 FM) is a radio station licensed to serve Mount Pleasant, Utah and serving the Provo metropolitan area.
KKUU is a commercial radio station in Indio, California, broadcasting to the Palm Springs, California, area on 92.7 FM.
Kkul-tarae (꿀타래; lit. "honey skein"), also known as Korean court cake, is a Korean dessert and variation of Dragon's beard candy.
Kkulppang, (꿀빵) also known as honey bread, is a sticky, sweet bread filled with sweetened red bean paste.
KKUP (91.5 FM) is a community radio station broadcasting a Variety format. Licensed to Cupertino, California, United States, it serves the greater Bay Area.
Hawaii Public Radio (HPR), is a network of six non-commercial, listener-supported stations serving the state of Hawaii.
K. Kumar (1894-1973) was an orator, reformer and writer of the Indian pre-independence era. He was one of the earliest socio-political leaders to have brought Gandhi's message and the spirit of the national movement to the erstwhile Travancore State.

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