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Knjaževsko-srpski teatar (Serbian Cyrillic: Књажевско-српски театар, English: Princely Serbian Theatre) is the oldest theatre in Central Serbia.
Knjaževac (Serbian Cyrillic: Књажевац, pronounced [kɲǎːʒɛʋat͡s]) is a town and municipality located in the Zaječar District of the eastern Serbia.
Yevhen Hapon (Ukrainian: Євген Гапон), also spelt Eugeny Gapon and Ievgen Gapon, better known by his stage name Knjaz Varggoth, is one of the foremost figures in Eastern Europe black metal.
Knjaz Miloš (Serbian: Књаз Милош, [kɲâːz mîlɔʃ]) is a Serbian carbonated mineral water producer and distributor based in Aranđelovac, Serbia.
KNJO-LP was a fully automated low-power television station serving Holbrook, Arizona, as an America One affiliate.
KNJR-LP (107.9 MHz, "The Well") is a low-power FM radio station which is licensed to Thousand Oaks, California and serves the Conejo Valley area.
Prince Lazar Hrebeljanović (Serbian Cyrillic: Лазар Хребељановић; ca. 1329 – 15 June 1389) was a medieval Serbian ruler who created the largest and most powerful state on the territory of the disintegrated Serbian Empire.
Hladno pivo (Croatian pronunciation: [xlǎːdno pîːʋo]; trans. "Cold beer") is a Croatian punk rock band.
Književni jug ("Literary south" in Serbo-Croatian) was a literary magazine published in 1918 and 1919 in Zagreb.

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