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Ljugarn is a locality on the Swedish island of Gotland, with 200 inhabitants in 2014. It is located at the east coast of the island in Ardre south of Slite.
Ljig (Serbian Cyrillic: Љиг) is a town and municipality located in the Kolubara District of western Serbia.
Löfgren syndrome is a type of acute sarcoidosis that is frequent in Scandinavian, Irish, African and Puerto Rican women.
The LFG Roland C.II, usually known as the Walfisch (Whale), was an advanced German reconnaissance aircraft of World War I.
The LFG Roland Pfeilflieger, (Arrow-flyer), was a German swept wing, single engine, two seat biplane built in Germany in 1914. It made one distinguished long duration flight and served in colonial German South-West Africa.
The LFG Roland D.II was a German single-seat fighter of World War I. The type was manufactured by Luftfahrzeug Gesellschaft, and also by Pfalz Flugzeugwerke under license.
The Roland D.VI was a German fighter aircraft built at the end of World War I. It lost a fly-off to the Fokker D.VII, but production went ahead anyway as insurance against problems with the Fokker.
The LFG Roland D.I was a fighter aircraft produced in Germany during World War I. It was a single-seat aircraft based originally on the Roland C.II two-seat reconnaissance type.
The LFG Roland D.VII was a German single seat, single engine biplane fighter aircraft built during World War I.
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