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LK or lk may refer to:
LKAB Malmtrafik, earlier Malmtrafik i Kiruna AB (MTAB), is a Swedish railway company which operates the iron ore freight trains on the Iron Ore Line and the Ofoten Line.
The Emirates Stakes, registered as the LKS Mackinnon Stakes, is a Victoria Racing Club Group 1 Thoroughbred horse race run under Weight for Age conditions over a distance of 2000 metres at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne, Australia on the last day of the VRC Spring Carnival, the Saturday after the Melbourne Cup.
The LK (Russian: ЛК, from Russian: Лунный корабль or "Lunniy korabl", "Lunar craft"; GRAU index 11F94) was a piloted lunar lander developed in the 1960s as a part of the Soviet attempts at human exploration of the Moon.
LKQ Corporation is an American auto parts company. The company is focused on providing wholesale used and refurbished auto parts via its subsidiaries across the United States and the world.
The Leichter Kampfwagen II (English: light combat car) or "LK II" was a development of the LK I with the same layout, but incorporating a rotating turret on the rear superstructure armed with a 37mm Krupp or 57mm Maxim-Nordenfelt gun.
Lanka Internet Network Group (LKiNG) is the Sri Lankan local committee for Asia Pacific Network Group.
Germany's LKW-Maut (Lastkraftwagen-Maut, literally 'HGV toll') is a toll for goods vehicles based on the distance driven in kilometres, the number of axles and the emission category of the vehicle.
Loudness, K-weighted, relative to Full Scale (or LKFS) is a loudness standard designed to enable normalization of audio levels for delivery of broadcast TV and other video.

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