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The parabrachial nuclei, also known as the parabrachial complex, are a group of nuclei in the dorsolateral pons that surrounds the superior cerebellar peduncle as it enters the brainstem from the cerebellum.
Beja Airport (Portuguese: Aeroporto de Beja; IATA: BYJ, ICAO: LPBJ) is a Portuguese airport that opened doors to civilian flights on April 15, 2011.
LPB may stand for:
Beja Air Base (Portuguese: Base Aérea de Beja; IATA: BYJ, ICAO: LPBJ), designated as Air Base No. 11 (Portuguese: Base Aérea Nº 11, BA11) is one of the most important military airbases in Portugal, 9 km (5.6 mi) northwest of Beja, 100 km (62 mi) north of Algarve.
Bragança Airport (Portuguese: Aeródromo de Bragança) (IATA: BGC, ICAO: LPBG) is an airport serving Bragança, Portugal.
Viseu Airport, also known as Gonçalves Lobato Airport is an airport in Viseu, Portugal.
Braga Airport (IATA: BGZ, ICAO: LPBR) is an airport in Palmeira, 3 km (1.9 mi) north northwest of Braga, Portugal.
Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria (; Russian: Лавре́нтий Па́влович Бе́рия, IPA: [ˈbʲerʲiə]; Georgian: ლავრენტი პავლეს ძე ბერია, translit.: lavrent'i p'avles dze beria, IPA: [bɛriɑ]; 29 March [17 March old style] 1899 – 23 December 1953) was a Soviet politician, Marshal of the Soviet Union and state security administrator, chief of the Soviet security and secret police apparatus (NKVD) under Joseph Stalin during World War II, and promoted to deputy premier under Stalin from 1941. He later officially joined the Politburo in 1946.
Louisiana-Pacific Corporation, commonly known as "LP", is an American building materials manufacturer.

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