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A low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) or low-power wide-area (LPWA) network or low-power network (LPN) is a type of wireless telecommunication wide area network designed to allow long-range communications at a low bit rate among things (connected objects), such as sensors operated on a battery.
The LPW Glider (or Leeming-Prince-Wood Glider) was a 1920s British glider built by John Leeming, Tom Prince and Clement Wood who later formed the Lancashire Aero Club.
The Libertarian Party of Wisconsin is the Wisconsin affiliate of the Libertarian Party. Founded in 1973, it is one of the oldest state affiliates in the Libertarian Party.
LPW could refer to:
The LP World Tour 2009 was the fifth concert tour by Italian singer-songwriter Laura Pausini, starting in Brescia on 28 February 2009 and ending in Milan on 23 December 2009. This tour was in support of Pausini's album Primavera in anticipo / Primavera anticipada that was released in 2008.
Louis Percy Watt Renouf FRSE MRIA (1887–1968) was a 20th century British biologist working in Ireland.
LP Winner Motorsport is a Hungarian auto racing team based in Budapest, Hungary. The team was founded as and still races under the Botka Rally Team banner.
LeRoy Pope Walker (February 7, 1817 – August 23, 1884) was the first Confederate States Secretary of War.
The LP (from "long playing" or "long play") is an analog sound storage medium, a vinyl record format characterized by a speed of ​33 1⁄3 rpm, a 12- or 10-inch (30- or 25-cm) diameter, and use of the "microgroove" groove specification.

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