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LTD, Ltd, or Ltd. may refer to:
LTD is the second mini album, or EP, by Buck-Tick, released only on vinyl on March 11, 1998. Its content is nearly identical to the "Sasayaki" single, the only difference being two more songs ("Kimi ga Shin..
.uk is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
Circle Sport Racing is an American professional stock car racing team that competed in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.
The LTD LO-120 is a German ultralight aircraft, produced by Logistik-Technik, of Baindt and based on the earlier LO 120 S produced by LO-Fluggerratebau.
Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil is an American computer-animated television series aired by the Cartoon Network's late-night programming block Adult Swim.
Limited liability is where a person's financial liability is limited to a fixed sum, most commonly the value of a person's investment in a company or partnership.
The Lithuanian Territorial Defense Force or LTDF (Lithuanian: Lietuvos vietinė rinktinė, LVR, German: Litauische Sonderverbände) was a short-lived, Lithuanian, volunteer armed force created and disbanded in 1944 during the German occupation of Lithuania.

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