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The Master of Business Administration (MBA or M.B.A.) degree originated in the United States in the early 20th century when the country industrialized and companies sought scientific management.
Mbaye Diagne (born 28 October 1991) is a Senegalese professional footballer who plays as a striker for Club Brugge on loan from Galatasaray and the Senegal national team.
Mbabane (; Swazi: ÉMbábáne, IPA: [ɛ́ᵐbʱáɓánɛ]) is the capital and largest city in Eswatini. With an estimated population of 94,874 (2010), it is located on the Mbabane River and its tributary the Polinjane River in the Mdzimba Mountains.
Mbarara is a city in the Western Region of Uganda. It is the main municipal, administrative, and commercial centre of Mbarara District and the site of the district headquarters.
Mbale is a city in the Eastern Region of Uganda. It is the main municipal, administrative, and commercial center of Mbale District and the surrounding sub-region.
Moubarak "Mbark" Boussoufa (Arabic: مُبارك بوصوفة‎, born 15 August 1984) is a Moroccan professional footballer who plays for Al-Sailiya as an attacking midfielder.
Mbandaka (pronounced [mbaˈnda.ka], formerly known as Coquilhatville in French or Coquilhatstad in Flemish) is a city on the Congo River in the Democratic Republic of Congo lying near the confluence of the Congo and Ruki Rivers.
Mbarara University of Science & Technology (MUST), commonly known as Mbarara University, is a public university in Uganda.
MBASIC is the Microsoft BASIC implementation of BASIC for the CP/M operating system. MBASIC is a descendant of the original Altair BASIC interpreters that were among Microsoft's first products.
Mbabane Swallows Football Club is a Swazi football club based in Mbabane.

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