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MBC may refer to:
The MBC Drama Awards (Korean: MBC 연기대상; RR: MBC Yeon-gi Daesang) is an awards ceremony presented by Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) for outstanding achievements in Korean dramas aired on its network.
The MBC Entertainment Awards (Korean: MBC 방송연예대상; Hanja: -放送演藝大賞) is a Korean awards ceremony held annually and sponsored by MBC.
MBC 3 is an Emirati free-to-air children's channel that was launched on 8 December 2004 by the Middle East Broadcasting Center, and appeals to children from 3 to 13 years old.
MBC TV is a South Korean free-to-air television channel launched on 8 August 1969 and owned by Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation.
MBC Dynamo Moscow (Russian: МБК Динамо Москва) is a Russian basketball team from Moscow. The club was active for 93 years (from 1923 until 2016) as professional club before being dissolved due to financial problems.
MBC Max (branded as MBC MAX) is an Emirati free-to-air movie channel that broadcasts non-stop Hollywood films and it is an alternative to its sister channel MBC 2.
The MBCGame StarCraft League, also known as MSL, was a StarCraft tournament hosted by Korean television network MBCGame.

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