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MBI may refer to:
The mbira (pronounced m-BEER-ra , IPA (ə)mˈbɪəɾə) is an African musical instrument, traditional to the Shona people of Zimbabwe.
Mbizana Local Municipality is a local municipality in Alfred Nzo District Municipality in the Wild Coast Region of the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa.
Serges Flavier Mbilla Etame (22 June 1988), also known as Mbilla Etame, is a Cameroonian professional football player who most recently played for Turkish club Alanyaspor.
Mbira DzeNharira was formed by Tendayi Gahamadze in 1987 in Norton, a town 40 km west of Harare. To date they have released 11 CD and 3 DVD albums.
Mbizo is a high density suburb in Kwekwe. It is located east of the city center across the railway line from ZIMASCO, the ferro-chrome producer.

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