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Mbwana Ally Samatta (born 23 December 1992) is a Tanzanian professional footballer who plays as a striker for Belgian side Genk and captains the Tanzania national football team.
{notability|date=November 2018}}Mbwaa is a currently unknown location that features in the Meru peoples of Kenya point of origin.
Luchazi (Lucazi, Chiluchazi) is a Bantu language of Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Namibia and Zambia.
Mbweni, Dar es Salaam is an administrative ward in the Kinondoni district of the Dar es Salaam Region of Tanzania.
Mbwiri is a Central African demon who is said to possess people. Those he possesses would usually be diagnosed with epilepsy by a doctor.
Moorabbin (Harry Hawker) Airport (IATA: MBW, ICAO: YMMB) is a general aviation airport for light aircraft located in between the southern Melbourne suburbs of Heatherton, Cheltenham, Dingley Village and Mentone.
The Benedict–Webb–Rubin equation (BWR), named after Manson Benedict, G. B. Webb, and L. C. Rubin, is an equation of state used in fluid dynamics.
Mbweka is a settlement in Kenya's Busia County.
Mbwana Mkanga (born 18 September 1949) is a Tanzanian boxer. He competed in the men's welterweight event at the 1972 Summer Olympics.

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