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The meaning of «mecu»

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yearn - desire strongly or persistently
xenophobia - a fear of foreigners or strangers
wonky - turned or twisted toward one side
wanton - a lewd or immoral person
vermillion - of a vivid red to reddish-orange color
saquinavir - a weak protease inhibitor used in treating HIV
rambunctious - noisy and lacking in restraint or discipline
quell - suppress or crush completely
oxymoron - conjoined contradictory terms
narrative - an account that tells the particulars of an act or event
misanthrope - someone who dislikes people in general
lucid - transparently clear; easily understandable
jejune - lacking interest or significance or impact
hyperbole - extravagant exaggeration
guise - an artful or simulated semblance
fortitude - strength of mind that enables one to endure adversity
dubious - fraught with uncertainty or doubt
disposition - your usual mood
cynical - believing the worst of human nature and motives
capricious - determined by chance or impulse rather than by necessity

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