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MF or mf may refer to:
Daniel Dumile (pronounced /ˈduːmᵻleɪ/ doo-MIH-lay; born 9 January 1974) is an English hip hop recording artist and record producer.
MF Global, formerly known as Man Financial, was a major global financial derivatives broker, or commodities brokerage firm that went bankrupt in 2011. MF Global provided exchange-traded derivatives, such as futures and options as well as over-the-counter products such as contracts for difference (CFDs), foreign exchange and spread betting.
Percy Carey (born 11 June 1970), also known by the stage names MF Grimm, Grimm Reaper, GM Grimm and originally Build and Destroy, is an American underground rapper, music producer, CEO, and Eisner Award-nominated comic book writer from New York City.
This following is a listing of releases by British-American hip hop artist Daniel Dumile, professionally known by the stage name MF DOOM.
MFK Ružomberok (Slovak pronunciation: [ˈruʒomberok]) is a Slovak football club, playing in the city of Ružomberok.
MFC Kremin Kremenchuk (Ukrainian: MФК Кремінь Кременчук; Russian: Кремень Кременчуг, Kremen Kremenchug) is a professional football club based in Kremenchuk, Ukraine.
MF Bunko J (MF文庫J) is a publishing label affiliated with the Japanese publishing company Media Factory.
MFSB (according to the "clean" interpretation, Mother Father Sister Brother) was a pool of more than thirty studio musicians based at Philadelphia’s famed Sigma Sound Studios.

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