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ML or ml may refer to:
The MLS Cup is the post-season championship match of Major League Soccer (MLS). The winner is crowned champion in the same manner as in other North American sports leagues (i.e.
MLG Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championship: Columbus, also referred to as MLG Columbus 2016 was the eighth Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championship held by Major League Gaming (MLG) throughout March 29 to April 3, 2016 in the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, US.
MLS Cup 2017 was the 22nd edition of MLS Cup, the championship of Major League Soccer (MLS), contested between Toronto FC and Seattle Sounders FC on December 9, 2017. The match was hosted at BMO Field in Toronto, Canada, for the second consecutive year and third time overall.
MLS Cup 2016 was the 21st edition of MLS Cup, the championship game of Major League Soccer (MLS), which took place on December 10, 2016, at BMO Field in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
MLS Cup 2010, the 15th edition of Major League Soccer's championship match, was played between the Colorado Rapids and FC Dallas to decide the champion of the 2010 season.
The Major League Soccer Player of Month is a monthly soccer award given to players in Major League Soccer.
Mladen Vranic, O.C., O.Ont, MD, DSc, FRSC, FRCP(C), FCAHS, born April 3,1930, is a Croatian-born diabetes researcher, best known for his work in tracer methodology, exercise and stress in diabetes, the metabolic effects of hormonal interactions, glucagon physiology, extrapancreatic glucagon, the role of the direct and indirect metabolic effects of insulin and the prevention of hypoglycemia.

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