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Amanda Lucille Warner (born September 12, 1982), known professionally as MNDR, is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer.
Myeloid cell Nuclear Differentiation Antigen is a protein that in humans is encoded as MNDA gene.
The MNDF Marine Corps are a frontline ground combat force of the Maldives National Defence Force, formed in 2006. The Marine Corps (formerly known as Rapid Reaction Force) were established at various strategic locations and vulnerable areas to enhance the force projection to provide their services throughout the country.
Ringgo Ancheta, better known by his stage name Mndsgn (pronounced "mind sign"), is an American hip hop producer of Filipino descent.
MNDO, or Modified Neglect of Diatomic Overlap is a semi-empirical method for the quantum calculation of molecular electronic structure in computational chemistry.
The Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF, Dhivehi: ދިވެހިރާއްޖޭގެ ޤައުމީ ދިފާއީ ބާރު) is the combined security organisation responsible for defending the security and sovereignty of the Maldives, having the primary task of being responsible for attending to all internal and external security needs of the Maldives, including the protection of the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) and the maintenance of peace and security.
A motor neuron disease (MND) is any of several neurodegenerative disorders that selectively affect motor neurons, the cells that control voluntary muscles of the body.
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is the agency of the U.S. state of Minnesota charged with conserving and managing the state's natural resources.
The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT, pronounced "min-dot") oversees transportation by all modes including land, water, air rail, walking and bicycling in the U.S.

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