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MNP (previously known as Meyers Norris Penny) is one of the largest full-service chartered accountancy and business advisory firms in Canada.
MNP Park at Carleton University is a FieldTurf stadium located in Ottawa, Ontario, on the North-Eastern edge of the Carleton University campus, where Bronson Avenue meets University Road.
MNP Tower, formerly known as 101 Street Tower, is an office tower in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It stands at 118 metres (387 feet) or 29 stories tall and was completed in 1978. Tenants include MNP, Longview Systems, Field Law LLP, Emery Jamieson LLP, and SNC Lavalin.
MNP can stand for:
MNP Tower is a 35-story high-rise office building in Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. Standing at a height of 469 ft, it is the sixth tallest building in the city and the tallest office building.
Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools, or MNPS, is a school district that serves the city of Nashville, Tennessee and Davidson County.
The Marton–New Plymouth line (MNPL) is a secondary main line railway in the North Island of New Zealand that links the Taranaki and Manawatu-Wanganui regions.

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