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Steven Terner Mnuchin ( mə-NOO-shin; born December 21, 1962) is an American investment banker who is serving as the 77th United States Secretary of the Treasury as part of the Cabinet of Donald Trump.
Minnesota United FC is an American professional soccer club based in the Minneapolis–Saint Paul area that plays in the Western Conference of Major League Soccer.
Mnuphorus is a genus of beetles in the family Carabidae, containing the following species:
The abbreviation MNU may refer to:
Mauri Antero Numminen, often known as M.A. Numminen, (born 12 March 1940 in Somero, Southwest Finland) is a Finnish artist, who has worked in several different fields of music and culture.
A M Nurul Islam (1939-2017) also known as Nurul Islam Anu (Bengali: নূরুল ইসলাম অনু) was a Bangladeshi politician and bureaucrat.
M.Nurullah Tuncer (born 1959 in Van, Turkey), graduated from Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Stage and Costume Design with his B.A.

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