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Munakata (宗像市, Munakata-shi) is a city in Japan, located in Fukuoka Prefecture, in the north Chikuzen region of the prefecture.
Munakata Taisha (宗像大社) is a collection of three Shinto shrines located in Munakata, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.
Muak Lek (Thai: มวกเหล็ก, pronounced [mûa̯k lèk]) is a district (amphoe) in Saraburi Province, Thailand.
Munakata Sanix Blues (宗像サニックスブルース, Munakata Sanikkusu Burūsu), formerly Fukuoka Sanix Blues and Fukuoka Sanix Bombs, is a Japanese rugby union team based in Munakata, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.
Munak, and adjacent Kheri Munak is a village and development block in Gharaunda sub-district of Karnal district, Haryana, India.
The Munak Canal is a 102 kilometer long aqueduct that is part of Western Yamuna Canal in Haryana and Delhi states in India.
Muak Sa-aak (autonym: mùak sɤ́ʔàak, meaning 'mountain slope') is an Angkuic language spoken in the Burma-China border region by over 4,000 people.
Muakjae Station is a station on Seoul Subway Line 3 in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul. The area was named Muakjae after Muhak, a Buddhist monk who played a vital role in moving the Korean capital to Seoul in the 14th century.

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