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Muath Safi Yousef al-Kasasbeh (Arabic: معاذ صافي يوسف الكساسبة‎ South Levantine pronunciation: [mʊˈʕaːð-, mʊˈʕaːz ˈsˤɑːfi ˈjuːsef el kaˈsaːsbe]; 29 May 1988 – c.
The gens Munatia was a plebeian family at Rome. Members of this gens are first mentioned during the second century BC, but they did not obtain any of the higher offices of the Roman state until imperial times.
Mnatsakan Iskandaryan (Armenian: Մնացական Իսկանդարյան, Russian: Мнацакан Фрунзевич Искандарян, born 17 May 1967) is a former Armenian Greco-Roman wrestler who competed for the Soviet Union and Russia.
Msuata is a genus of flowering plants in the ironweed tribe within the sunflower family.
Muath Mahmoud Mosleh is a Jordanian footballer, of Palestinian origin, who plays as a forward for Al-Sareeh SC and Jordan U-23
Munatia Plancina (died 33 AD) was a Roman noblewoman who lived in the early times of the Roman Empire founded by Augustus.

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