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MSI may refer to:
Msiri (c. 1830 – December 20, 1891) founded and ruled the Yeke Kingdom (also called the Garanganze or Garenganze kingdom) in south-east Katanga (now in DR Congo) from about 1856 to 1891. His name is sometimes spelled 'M'Siri' in articles in French.
Msizi Africa is an international charitable organisation set up by Lucy Caslon in 2007. Msizi means 'helper' in Zulu.
Msida Saint Joseph Football Club – usually referred to as Msida St. Joseph – is a Maltese football club from the town of Msida, which currently plays in the Maltese First Division.
Msida (Maltese: L-Imsida) (Italian: Misida) is a harbour town in the Central Region of Malta with a population of 8,545 (March 2014).
MSISDN (pronounced as /'em es ai es di en/ or MISS-den) is a number uniquely identifying a subscription in a Global System for Mobile communications or a Universal Mobile Telecommunications System mobile network.
The MSI Wind Netbook was a family of subnotebooks / netbooks designed by Micro-Star International (MSI).
MSI (also known as Modified Plessey) is a barcode symbology developed by the MSI Data Corporation, based on the original Plessey Code symbology.
Msinga Local Municipality is an administrative area in the Umzinyathi District of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa.

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