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NRC Handelsblad (Dutch pronunciation: [ɛnɛrseː ˈɦɑndəlzblɑt]), often abbreviated to NRC, is a daily evening newspaper published in the Netherlands by NRC Media.
NRC Research Press (now: Canadian Science Publishing) is the largest scientific publisher in Canada. As of 2018, it publishes about 2,300 articles annually in 24 journals in a broad range of scientific and technical disciplines, and is distributed to over 125 countries.
Neuronal cell adhesion molecule is a protein that in humans is encoded by the NRCAM gene.Cell adhesion molecules (CAMs) are members of the immunoglobulin superfamily.
The NRC tailless glider, also called the NRL tailless glider, was a two-seat tailless research glider designed by the Canada National Research Council and built by the National Research Laboratories, at the instigation of G.T.R.
nrc•next (Dutch pronunciation: [ɛnɛrseːnɛkst]) is a Dutch daily newspaper published in the Netherlands by NRC Media.
NRC's Best Dutch novels is a list of the most popular Dutch-language novels as of 2007.
NRC may refer to:
NRC School is located in Mohone, Kalyan. It was started in 1950. The school is affiliated to SSC board.
The National Rugby Centre Amsterdam, also known as NRCA Stadium, is a rugby stadium in Amsterdam. The complex is situated within the Sportpark de Eendracht in the district of Geuzenveld-Slotermeer.

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