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New Zealand (Māori: Aotearoa [aɔˈtɛaɾɔa]) is a sovereign island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean.
NZ Performance Car is a monthly automobile magazine and website, and is the biggest selling automotive and men’s lifestyle magazine in New Zealand.
The NZ Skeptics is a New Zealand incorporated society created in 1986, with the aim of promoting critical thinking.
The NZ Drift Series was a five-round motorsport series organised by Parkside Media, publisher of NZ Performance Car magazine.
The NZ Cycling Conference is a series of cycle planning conferences started in 1997 in Hamilton. Since 2001, the conference series has a biennial schedule.
NZ on Air (or the Broadcasting Commission) (in Maori: Irirangi te Motu) is an independent New Zealand broadcast funding agency.

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