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Owyhee County is a county in the southwestern corner of the U.S. state of Idaho. As of the 2010 census, the population was 11,526. The county seat is Murphy, and its largest city is Homedale.
The Owyhee River is a tributary of the Snake River located in northern Nevada, southwestern Idaho and southeastern Oregon in the United States.
Owyhee is a census-designated place (CDP) in Elko County, Nevada, United States, along the banks of the Owyhee River.
Owyhee Dam (National ID # OR00582) is a concrete arch-gravity dam on the Owyhee River in Eastern Oregon near Adrian, Oregon, United States.
The Owyhee River Wilderness is located on the high basalt plateaus of Owyhee County in southwestern Idaho in the western United States.
Owyhee Reservoir or Owyhee Lake is a reservoir on the Owyhee River in Malheur County, Oregon, United States.
Owyhee Airport (FAA LID: 1ØU) is a public use airport located 4 nautical miles (4.6 mi; 7.4 km) west of the central business district of Owyhee, in Elko County, Nevada, United States.
The Owyhee Desert ecoregion, within the deserts and xeric shrublands biome, is in the Northwestern United States.

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