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The meaning of «pb»

Pb is the chemical symbol for the element lead.
The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is an American public broadcaster and television program distributor.
PBS Kids is the brand for most of the children's programming aired by the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in the United States.
The PBS NewsHour is an American daily evening television news program that is broadcast on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), airing seven nights a week on more than 350 of the public broadcaster's member stations.
PBC CSKA Moscow (Russian: ПБК ЦСКА Москва) is a Russian professional basketball team based in Moscow, Russia.
PBC Lokomotiv Kuban (Russian: ПБК «Локомотив Кубань») is a Russian professional basketball team that is based in Krasnodar.
PBSC Urban Solutions is a global provider of bike sharing solutions. PBSC is a tech company that oversees development, marketing and operation of the systems.
CXorf26 (Chromosome X Open Reading Frame 26), also known as MGC874, is a well conserved human gene found on the plus strand of the short arm of the X chromosome.

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