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Pequannock Township is a township in Morris County, New Jersey, United States. As of the 2010 United States Census, the township's population was 15,420, reflecting an increase of 1,652 (+11.9%) from the 13,888 counted in the 2000 Census, which had in turn increased by 1,044 (+8.1%) from the 12,844 counted in the 1990 Census.The name "Pequannock", as used in the name of the Township and of the Pequannock River, is thought to have been derived from the Lenni Lenape Native American word "Paquettahhnuake", meaning "cleared land ready or being readied for cultivation".
The Pequeño Reyes del Aire Tournament (Spanish for the "Little Kings of the Air") is an annual wrestling tournament promoted by the Mexican professional wrestling promotion Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) and has been held since 2007, holding two tournaments in 2012, and one every other year.
The Pequonnock River is a 16.7-mile-long (26.9 km) waterway in eastern Fairfield County, Connecticut. Its watershed is located in five communities, with the majority of it located within Monroe, Trumbull, and Bridgeport.
The Pequots () are a Native American people of Connecticut. Modern Pequots are members of the federally recognized Mashantucket Pequot Tribe, four other state-recognized groups in Connecticut, and the Brothertown Indians of Wisconsin.
Pequot Lakes ( PEE-kwaht LAYKS) is a city in Crow Wing County, Minnesota, United States. The population was 2,162 at the 2010 census.
Humberto Sánchez Medorio is a Mexican luchador Enmascarado, or masked professional wrestler, better known by his ring name Pequeño Black Warrior, or Pequeño Warrior.
Pequeños Gigantes USA (transl. Small Giants USA) is a Spanish-language reality talent show that originally premiered in United States on February 6, 2017, on Univision.

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