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PF may refer to:
Pfizer Inc. () is an American multinational pharmaceutical corporation headquartered in New York City, with its research headquarters in Groton, Connecticut.
PFC Central Sport Club of the Army Moscow (Russian: Профессиональный футбольный клуб – ЦСКА [tsɛ ɛs ˈka]) is a Russian professional football club.
Pforzheim (German pronunciation: [ˈpfɔɐ̯t͡shaɪ̯m] (listen)) is a city of over 120,000 inhabitants in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, in the southwest of Germany.
Professional Football Club Botev Plovdiv, commonly known as Botev Plovdiv (Bulgarian: Ботев Пловдив, IPA: [bɔtɛv pɫɔvdiv]) or simply (within the city of Plovdiv itself) Botev, is a Bulgarian professional football club based in Plovdiv.

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