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Poh (Punjabi: ਪੋਹ) is the tenth month in the Nanakshahi calendar, which governs the activities within Sikhism.
Pohnpei "upon (pohn) a stone altar (pei)" (formerly known as Ponape or Ascension) is an island of the Senyavin Islands which are part of the larger Caroline Islands group.
Pohang (Korean pronunciation: [pʰo.ɦaŋ]) is a city in the province of North Gyeongsang, South Korea, and a main seaport in the Daegu-Gyeongbuk region.
Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) is a private research university in Pohang, South Korea dedicated to research and education in science and technology.
Pohnpeian, is a Micronesian language spoken as the indigenous language of the island of Pohnpei in the Caroline Islands.
Pohatcong Township is a township in Warren County, New Jersey, United States, located in the easternmost region of the Lehigh Valley.
Pohang Steelers (Hangul: 포항 스틸러스; Hanja: 浦和 스털러스) is a South Korean professional football club based in Pohang, North Gyeongsang.
Pohoda is an open-air summer music festival in Slovakia, first organized in 1997 in Trenčín. It is the biggest Slovak music event organized annually.
Poh Ling Yeow (Chinese: 杨宝玲; pinyin: Yáng Bǎolíng; born 1973) is a Malaysian-born Australian artist, actress and chef.

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