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Pivio (born 7 June 1958 in Genova, Italy) and Aldo De Scalzi (born 23 January 1957 in Genova, Italy) are two Italian composers, best known for scoring music for television and motion pictures.
PVI Virtual Media Services is one of the companies behind the virtual yellow-down-line shown on television broadcasts of American football games in the United States and Canada.
Pivit is an American punk rock band hailing from Poway and Cardiff, California, formed in late 1994 by original drummer Mark McLemore, lead singer Chris Moore, and guitarist Eric Sisson in San Diego County, California.
Poliovirus receptor related immunoglobulin domain containing is a protein that in humans is encoded by the PVRIG gene.
The Piikani Nation (formerly the Peigan Nation) is a First Nation (or an Indian band as defined by the Indian Act), representing Canadian Indigenous peoples known as the Northern Piikani (Siksika: Aapátohsipikáni) or simply the Peigan (Piikáni or Pekuni).
PVI may refer to:
Priit Pärn (born 26 August 1946 in Tallinn) is an Estonian cartoonist and animation director whose films have enjoyed success among critics as well as the public at various film festivals.
Phiiliip is a performing artist whose music has been described as "'Lady Godiva's Operation' remixed by the Neptunes on a budget."[1]

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