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Qcity Transit (formerly Deane's Buslines) is an Australian bus operator which provides services within the Queanbeyan / Jerrabomberra region of New South Wales as well as services from Queanbeyan to nearby Canberra and Bungendore.
Quad City International Airport (IATA: MLI, ICAO: KMLI, FAA LID: MLI) is a public airport in Rock Island County, Illinois, three miles (5 km) south of Moline.
QCI may refer to:
Lemerig (sometimes also called Pak, Päk, or Sasar) is an Oceanic language spoken on Vanua Lava, in Vanuatu.
CIF (Common Intermediate Format or Common Interchange Format), also known as FCIF (Full Common Intermediate Format), is a standardized format for the picture resolution, frame rate, color space, and color subsampling of digital video sequences used in video teleconferencing systems.
Quadratic configuration interaction (QCI) is an extension of configuration interaction that corrects for size-consistency errors in single and double excitation CI methods (CISD).Size-consistency means that the energy of two non-interacting (i.e.
In cryptography, Q is a block cipher invented by Leslie McBride. It was submitted to the NESSIE project, but was not selected.
In a conventional, analog two-way radio system, a standard radio has noise squelch or carrier squelch, which allows a radio to receive all transmissions.
"The Q and the Grey" is the 11th episode of the third season of Star Trek: Voyager, the 53rd episode overall.

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